Underwater Vertigo
Underwater Vertigo
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Underwater Vertigo

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Hand Painted, Oil paint on canvas, 12x16in

A hook is attached to the back of the painting to hang on any wall
No returns or exchanges

Lucky Me

Life began with sounds

As my body waxed my hearing waned

By fourteen a wall was in my left ear

Doctors told me I won the hearing loss mega millions.

0.03% chance…


 Lucky me

How will my future play out?



They replaced my stapies with a prosthetic

Along with the bone came tinnitus

“Sizzle” “Static” “Screech” - REPEAT


Lucky Me

How will I learn to cope?


Good and Bad are a package deal

Tinnitus shredded my world into pixels like a low rez TV

For the first time since I began painting, I was hearing color

My very own pixelated world to capture in my art. 

By 23, I see the world in brush strokes

My pallet, a microcosm, representing how I perceive the world

Another surgery on my calendar


Lucky me

How will I be hurt this time?

Now in Recovery,


My World is Spinning,


The tinnitus is different,


Dizziness and on meds,


Less than 4 hours of sleep,


Scared of losing my ability to paint,



Lucky me

How can I continue with art?


You, you, and you

My friends and followers

Support from all sides, both digital and physical

I have never been more grateful for anything in my life


Lucky me

How would I continue with my art without you all?